Embergrass is no longer in business

Ok it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that I haven’t posted here since February 2013 but I figured I really should leave a note here making it official and explaining where I’ve gone, especially since I’ve received a few custom requests recently.

I have stopped making jewelry and closed down my Embergrass business. The jewelry is no longer for sale anywhere.

There are several reasons behind my decision to close the business. Back in February 2013 I needed more money than I was able to make through Embergrass so I took on a full-time job. At that time I wasn’t sure what would happen with Embergrass so I kept everything ticking over for a while.

It very quickly became clear that I did not have the motivation and passion to keep the jewelry business running alongside a full-time job so I began winding it down and eventually closed it officially in January 2014.

If you enjoyed reading this blog, you may like to keep up with my new blog, handfulofsunshine.com. Through it, I have rediscovered my love of food and cooking and I also share snippets of my life, crafts and travels.

The social media links on this blog are all defunct now but if you head over to my new blog you’ll find working links there. I hope we can still keep in touch :)

Featured Artist – Nangijala Jewelry

I discovered today’s featured artist via this post on the LAB. I was intrigued by that ring and knew I had to see more work from Nangijala Jewelry!

I found more work, loads more gorgeous work, and knew I had to share it with you; here are my favourites:


Aaaah… the colour, the twisty shape, the raw finish… what’s not to love about this ring!?


I love, love, love these stud earrings. The combination of yellow gold with blackened silver, the adorable shape that kind of looks like 2 halves which were broken apart and the contrast of the round side with the jagged, ‘broken’ side and, of course, the tiny little gemstone in just one of the studs!


The simplicity of this ring contrasts sharply with the striking design of the first I showed you, yet is clearly still part of the same body of work. I love the tiny gemstone set in the middle and Emerald is, after all, the colour for 2013.


I can’t get enough of that black and gold combination and I love natural shapes like feathers and leaves, especially done in this raw fashion.

What do you think? Check out her Etsy shop to see more of her work and let me know which piece is your favourite :)

Featured Artist – wireknits

Since it is the holiday season I’m taking a slight detour from the usual featured jewelry artist to show you some amazing tree decorations instead.

David from wireknits has developed an awesome technique of knitting with wire and produced these beautiful, intricate snowflake designs.

Check out the other designs he has in his Etsy shop and let me know which one is your favourite! (Mine is the middle one I posted)

Featured Artist – folia design sf

This month’s featured artist is folia design sf, another local artist and one I discovered at the Unique SF fair in the summer.

Three Triangles, Laser Cut Earrings

Three Triangles, Laser Cut Earrings

Jessica’s designs are beautifully laser-cut from wood, leaving that lovely burnt-edges look to highlight the shapes.

Water Drops Necklace, Laser Cut

Water Drops Necklace, Laser Cut

The designs are a wonderful mix of geometric and organic, mostly earrings but a few necklaces as well.

Grass - Circle, Laser Cut Earrings

Grass – Circle, Laser Cut Earrings

The earrings vary from long and elegant to cute and simple and I love them all! The larger pieces show off the woodgrain better while the finer designs look that much more intricate.

Eucalyptus, Laser Cut Earrings

Eucalyptus, Laser Cut Earrings

The elegant, organic shape of these makes them my favourite! Which is yours?

Featured Artist – Sharon Zimmerman

Today I have another awesome jewelry artist to share with you – Sharon Zimmerman.

Sharon is a fellow SF Etsy Team member so I’ve had the pleasure of meeting her and seeing her work in-person a few times. She makes such interesting and unique jewelry, I’m sure you will love it.

Dangle Earrings by Sharon Zimmerman

I love these earrings, they look totally amazing on, the picture really doesn’t do them justice!

Commitment Ring by Sharon Zimmerman

This ring is such a simple design but it really stands out and I’ve never seen anything similar.

Marquise Ring by Sharon Zimmerman

I hadn’t seen this ring before but as soon as I spotted it I was drawn to it! It’s such a unique design, I love the asymmetry and the multiple, curving lines.

What do you think? Which is your favourite Sharon Zimmerman piece?

Featured Artist – Frilled and Feathered

This month’s featured artist –  Frilled and Feathered – works with patinated copper in gorgeous, bold designs!

Spike Necklace from Frilled and Feathered

Spike Necklace from Frilled and Feathered

This piece is my favourite from the shop – those colours and stark shapes!

Feather Necklace from Frilled and Feathered

Feather Necklace from Frilled and Feathered

I love the softer edges and colours on these feather necklaces and the way they still manage to be so bold.

Bubbles Necklace from Frilled and Feathered

Bubbles Necklace from Frilled and Feathered

This piece wouldn’t look too out of place amongst my own collection! I love the mixture of different textures and colours.

Featured Artist – Corey Egan Metalsmithing

It’s been a while since I featured an artist here but I have been slowly building a list of good ones. I’m planning to make this a monthly feature, instead of weekly, and I might slip in a few non-jewelry ones too.

This month it’s Corey Egan Metalsmithing

Corey is also based in San Francisco and makes adorable faceted metal and geometric jewelry. Here are my favourites:

Faceted Disc Earrings

Faceted Disc Earrings From Corey Egan

Corey hand carves a mould and then casts the jewelry in it.

Divot Earrings

Divot Earrings from Corey Egan

These might be the cutest stud earrings ever! (Yes, even cuter than the ones I make!)

Pentagon Fragment Ring

Pentagon Fragment Ring from Corey Egan

You can even add tiny diamonds to some of the designs, on request!

Featured Artist – Michele Grady Designs

The featured artist posts are back! I love sharing awesome jewelry artists with you and I’ve found a few more great ones :) I’ve also started a Pinterest board with pictures from all the jewelry artists who have ever been featured on this blog.

This week the artist is Michele Grady Designs. She works in Sterling Silver mostly but also with Copper and gemstones. Her style is very bold, chunky and industrial, featuring lots of texture and patina. Here are a few of my favourite pieces:

Constricted Heart Charm

This one is perfect for the rapidly-approaching Valentines day! I love the colours and the way the patina highlights the wire.

Wrinkled Skin Cuff

Grapevine Cuff

Here are 2 very different Sterling cuffs yet obviously both the same style. The first is accented with Carnelian and Copper, the second with Amber.
Which Michele Grady piece is your favourite?

The Crucible Holiday Gifty

As I mentioned in my previous post – Shop with Embergrass this December – I’m going to be vending at the Crucible in Oakland this weekend, I hope you’re planning to stop by and see me :)

Just in case my jewelry isn’t enough to drag you down to Oakland I wanted to share a few of the other jewelry vendors who will be there too:

DAC Metals

Mangosteen Jewelry
Rosemary Dudley Designs

Saara Reidsema Jewelry

TK Metal Arts

Jewelry Gift Guide

Featured - Sundrops Dangle Earrings

I’m excited to announce that Storenvy has chosen to feature Embergrass Jewelry in their current Jewelry Gift Guide!

If you are stuck for gift inspiration for jewelry lovers you should totally check out the guide! Here are a couple of my favourites who are also featured in the guide:

Mix Tape Necklace from Deer Heart

Cat Ears Ring from Unexpected Expectancy